It used to take specialized skills, long dev cycles, and big budgets to build enterprise-grade mobile apps.

Now all it takes is Jigx.

For mobile apps that mean business

"The Jigx app gives our rescue flight crews a fast, field-ready mobile solution for their work in the emergency-response environment. Online or offline, it gets the job done."

Anthony Kempnich
Improvement & Change Manager
Changing what’s possible

Jigx empowers any developer to build killer apps 10x faster


Build native iOS and Android apps with common dev skills

10x faster

Go from idea to app store in weeks — or less


Jump start projects with rich out-of-the-box functionality


Jigx is for mobile apps that mean business.

Connected to business systems

Mobilize business data and processes.

Jigx apps integrate seamlessly and securely with existing business systems and data sources.

Loved by business users

Deliver outstanding user experiences.

Jigx apps are beautiful, powerful, and intuitive. Delighted users = high usage rates.

Blazing fast

Crazy fast time-to-value.

10x faster

Time to develop an offline-capable native mobile app​


Xcode and Android Studio​

80% more cost-effective

Cost to develop an offline-capable native mobile app​


Xcode and Android Studio​

"The Jigx app allows us to deliver a world-class B2B experience for our customers setting us up for growth in our digital channel."

Frank Grunert
Head of Marketing, Germany

Calling all system integrators and software development companies.

The mobile enterprise app market is projected to reach $268B by 2030. Grab your piece of this fast-growing market by becoming a Jigx partner.