What’s New at Jigx

As we enter summer, we wanted to share a company update on our progress for the first half of the year. It’s been a busy and exciting time. Dennis Parker and Glen Bryant joined me for a webinar where we gave a complete update.

Continuous user growth and adoption

The Jigx user count is growing, and more folks are using the platform. With that comes great feedback on the product which we’ve been able to incorporate into our roadmap. We introduced new features including:

  • Ease of incorporating files and rich media.
  • Investments in queue operations to enhance offline sync.
  • Support for Auth0.
  • Programmable logic with Global Actions and JavaScript Support.
  • Added to the UI innovation with JC Card and Custom Components.

And with input from our users, we continue to release fixes that enhance the platform.

Investments in partnerships with industry leaders

Mobile advances the productivity of the deskless worker allowing them access to those important systems they need to get work done. In fact, more than 70% of the workforce in the US is deskless which creates a huge opportunity for companies to invest in mobile solutions. We are excited about our partnership with Point B adding the consulting and business solution skills needed to deliver engaging mobile apps for these organizations. Together, we are bringing a powerful deskless worker solution to market and we already see it gaining ground.

Continuing to serve this deskless community, we have also partnered with Acumatica, an ERP solution that is used frequently with field services. We are a certified partner and listed in the Acumatica Marketplace. Our partnership with Acumatica offers mobile solutions connected to Acumatica ERP including offline support, a critical feature for this workforce.

Show and tell

Dennis shared an exciting demo of our field services solution with Acumatica showcasing a day in the life of a field services worker.

And we discussed our investments in AI including:

  • Leveraging AI to ease the building of mobile solutions.
  • Scenarios where AI can add tremendous value to the mobile experience.

Exciting times here at Jigx

We are really excited about the work that’s happening here at Jigx, the partnerships, and the new customers bringing mobile to life in their organizations. Our mission is to unlock the power of mobile for every worker around the world and we are just getting started.

Please watch the entire webinar to learn more and I hope to see you at the next company update.