Transform your rescue operations with Jigx.

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With Jigx, you can build a fast, field-ready app to shorten response times and increase mission effectiveness.

Facilitate rescues with a real-time route map, capture patient information for treatment teams, and log mission details.

Offline capabilities ensure that the app works even when responders are in transit, mid-flight, or in remote areas with no internet access.

Jigx helps rescue teams save time & administrative overhead.

Elevate safety, efficiency, and readiness.

With Jigx, rescue organizations can streamline every facet of the rescue mission. Hours of data entry and mission logs can now take just minutes.

The Jigx app leverages all your existing systems and simply makes information easier to access keeping your teams focused on saving lives.

Field Rescue App

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LifeFlight leverages Jigx to streamline operations.

Every rescue flight is critical. The systems that support aeromedical crews are the definition of “mission-critical”. When LifeFlight needed an app to manage their missions, they turned to Jigx. The result – a fit-for-purpose mobile application that links LifeFlight’s assets and crews with its coordination centre. 

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