Spotlight on the MOTUL App

MOTUL is using Jigx to create a digital connection with its customers including a full product ordering experience integrated with SAP

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Microsoft Graph Demonstrator App

Incorporate the Microsoft Graph API with Microsoft Graph Demonstrator in your Jigx apps. Build your apps with user and organizational data using OAuth for user profiles, calendars, emails, tasks, and more.

Conference App for Attendees

Discover the AI Horizon Conference app. Seamlessly access schedules, speaker bios, and exclusive merchandise in a user-friendly app designed to elevate your conference journey.

Company Event Management

The Company Event Management app that revolutionizes the corporate event experience. Explore, secure, and organize company gatherings and further connect with fellow participants.

The Student Campus Companion App

Our Student Companion App is made to elevate the campus experience. Navigate academic and social life. Manage class schedules and engage with fellow students, faculty, and clubs.

Hotel & Short-Term Maintenance

The Hotel Maintenance app redefines property upkeep for hotels and short-term rentals. See maintenance trends and effortlessly manage issues directly on the app.

Beautiful User Experiences with Custom Components 

With the Jigx mobile app platform, developers can build custom user interface components specific to their users needs and business problems. These UI components will take your mobile app game to the next level. 

Empowering Field Sales to create orders on-the-go

The Field Sales app demonstrates how Jigx Dynamic Data store can be used for an end-to-end ordering use case that features account management, product catalog, shopping cart and metrics on widgets.