Deliver key moments of productivity with AI.

Jigx leverages AI in both the building of apps and optimizing the mobile user experience.


Enhance productivity with AI Assistants.

With Jigx, you can deliver AI Assistants that saves time and gives users access to the information they need when they want it.

The opportunity to improve engagement with mobile chat agents expands many scenarios: from real-time access to product details, to streamlining processes, to quick look up of key information. With Jigx, you can leverage the power of AI and deliver intelligent responses for an optimal chat experience.

Leveraging Jigx Data Puddles, AI Assistants can deliver data from systems including CRMs, ERPs, Documents, and Collaboration Tools in the right context at any time.


Complete lengthy processes with quick easy actions.

Break down those long and cumbersome workflows into small relevant moments generated with AI.

Jigx leverages AI to create UI elements that allow the user to create complex tasks faster focusing on smaller portions of the larger process. With the highly secure Jigx Data Puddles, Jigx can expose small data sets of information so the user can execute important tasks in just a few seconds.


Surface intelligent insights based on relevant user data.

Drive productivity with access the myriad of systems across the organization to deliver the key information that users need to get their job done. Work more productively, boost efficiency, and improve business outcomes with a secure personalized experience.

Jigx Data Puddles allows AI systems to securely access data such as emails, documents, chat history and line of business data to deliver key insights and actionable information.

Save time building apps with Jigx Go Pilot.

With Jigx, you can now write SQL queries with ease.

Leveraging AI, Jigx can deliver dynamic interactions based on patterns of the user and backend data. Over time, the Jigx app can learn what is most helpful to the user and support productivity with an optimal experience.

What will you build with Jigx?