Amplify the value of technology investments by mobilizing the data and workflows in business systems.

Adding mobile capabilities to core systems unlocks new business value. With Jigx, you quickly develop and deploy mobile apps that integrate seamlessly with leading software platforms.


Harness the power of SAP in iOS and Android apps.

Use Jigx to launch rich, engaging mobile experiences that bring SAP data and processes to users’ fingertips.

Whether you’re mobilizing the capabilities of an ERP, CRM, SCM, or HCM solution, Jigx apps create new opportunities for business efficiency, employee engagement, and revenue generation. Jigx apps are easily customized and extended to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.


Get more from the Microsoft tech stack with Jigx.

Jigx fits right into the Microsoft environment, creating lots of valuable app-building options.

Jigx mobile apps interact seamlessly with data and files stored in Microsoft Azure SQL, Microsoft Dataverse (part of the Microsoft Power Platform), Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 services, and Microsoft OneDrive. What’s more, developers building Jigx apps leverage familiar Microsoft tools, including Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Graph, and GitHub.


Quickly supercharge Salesforce with native mobile apps.

Jigx is the fastest way to create and deploy native mobile apps for the Salesforce platform.

Develop dashboards in a day and rapidly transform marketing, sales, and service with tailored mobile experiences. The Jigx Salesforce provider exposes standard and custom Salesforce objects, so mobile users can access and update information about leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, campaigns, and more.


Extend Nintex process automation to mobile devices.

Jigx is the ideal solution for transitioning Nintex workflow solutions into next-generation mobile apps.

With Jigx, you gain the power of an offline-ready mobile experience for automated workflows that work reliably everywhere. Plus, you can evolve workflow solutions at your own pace because Jigx supports existing HTML forms as well as native iOS and Android ones.


Empower field employees with access to your Acumatica data and processes from anywhere, anytime.

Jigx is the fastest way to put Acumatica data in the hands of your employees.

Deliver an easy-to-use experience with the speed and responsiveness required by an active field team. Offline capabilities ensure that data and processes can be leveraged from any location and important information is captured no matter the situation.

Build custom mobile apps with Jigx

Jigx feature highlights

Easy integration with popular business platforms
Offline capabilities with automatic data sync

Superior UX to drive use—no training needed

Role-specific solutions for tailored app experiences

App store or private distribution to 1,000s of users

Rapid updates to address new business needs

What will you build with Jigx?