Increase mobile workforce efficiency for field-based staff with a robust mobile app that works online and offline.

Many field-based operations still rely on paper and clipboards. Use Jigx to streamline remote and off-site work by mobilizing key processes and data in an offline-capable app.


Manage safety programs more efficiently.

Replace cumbersome manual processes with a mobile app that promotes safety, compliance, and productivity. Jigx mobile app development platform is ideal for high-risk environments where workers are on the go. Use the platform’s robust support for workflows and forms to simplify check-in/check-out protocols, incident management, inspections, and more. Plus, Jigx apps are offline capable, so important safety data is available at every jobsite, even those without internet connectivity.

Industries: Construction | Energy & Utilities | Manufacturing | Chemical | Transportation


Accelerate with emergency response mobile solutions.

When every second counts, a mobile app for emergency rescue crews can be a real lifesaver.

With Jigx, you can build a fast, field-ready mobile app to shorten response times and increase mission effectiveness. Facilitate rescues with a real-time route map, capture patient information for treatment teams, and log mission details. Offline capabilities ensure that the app works even when responders are in transit, mid-flight, or in remote areas with no internet access.

Industries: Healthcare | Government


Streamline field service management operations.

Equip service technicians with a Jigx app that reduces paperwork, increases productivity, and works everywhere they do.
Jigx provides a fast track to modernizing field service operations. Empower remote service workers to review their schedule, optimize travel routes, follow repair procedures, record service notes, and process payments—all on a mobile device. Whether the job involves servicing an oil rig or fixing a home appliance, a Jigx app can help field service teams work quickly and efficiently.

Industries: Residential Services | Energy & Utilities | Manufacturing | Telecomm | Logistics


Increase sales productivity with mobile CRM integration.

Every sales rep has a cell phone, so why not put the power of mobile CRM in the palm of their hands?

Help reps optimize their time in the field with a Jigx app that integrates with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With on-the-go access to CRM data, reps can more effectively manage their days, deals, and customers. Timesavers like optimized travel routes and scheduling tools further increase sales efficiency.

Industries: Technology | Consumer Goods | Manufacturing | Wholesale

Inspiring custom mobile apps built with Jigx

Jigx feature highlights

Integration with BPM, CRM, and other systems
Offline capabilities with automatic data sync

Superior UX to drive use—no training needed

Workflow tasks and checklists for mobile processes

Forms for easy input and submission of data

Interactive maps and calendars for productivity

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