Improve engagement and productivity with branded mobile apps that employees love to use.

Mobile devices are a staple of the modern hybrid workplace. Leverage their power with native, offline-ready branded mobile apps that keep employees connected and productive wherever they work.


Boost employee engagement and HR efficiency.

Delight a distributed workforce with a portfolio of user-friendly mobile apps that streamline HR processes.

Time tracking, objective setting, peer appraisals, surveying employees, and sharing company news are just a few of the capabilities you can quickly build and deploy with Jigx. A mobile onboarding app benefits any business and is a must-have in industries with lots of deskless workers and high turnover rates, like retail and hospitality.


Access critical metrics anytime, anywhere.

Turn business stats into business success with real-time management dashboards optimized for mobile devices.

Jigx easily integrates and syncs with a variety of data sources, so employees can stay up to date while on the go. Rapidly create dashboards for any business function—sales, service, marketing, operations, finance, and more. Clear, visually appealing charts provide at-a-glance insights with the ability to drill down into more details.


Keep business moving with mobile workflows.

Increase productivity with a Jigx app that extends automated processes to any mobile device.

Jigx integrates with popular workflow platforms, including Nintex K2 and Nintex Workflow Cloud. Use Jigx to quickly mobilize custom industry and departmental processes with a native, offline-capable app that’s simple and convenient to use. Employees can complete workflows from anywhere, saving time and accelerating the pace of business.

Jigx feature highlights

Superior UX to drive use—no training needed

Role-specific solutions for tailored app experiences

Dynamic data exchange with business systems

Advanced security
including SSO and encryption

Highly brandable UI with custom colors and logo

App store or private distribution to
1,000s of users

What will you build with Jigx?