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Learn how to build an event check-in app in React Native using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, covering setting up a local SQLite database, interacting with Salesforce, and developing screens. Setting up local SQLite database for data storage. Using Salesforce Mobile SDK to interact with Salesforce data. Developing screens for event

Explore how developers can leverage the Salesforce Mobile SDK to integrate Salesforce services into React Native apps, enabling seamless communication and data access, as demonstrated in the creation of an event check-in app. Introduction to Salesforce Mobile SDK and React Native for cross-platform development. Step-by-step guide on setting up Salesforce

Discover how developers can leverage Microsoft Power Apps and the wrap feature to convert their creations into mobile applications, enabling broader accessibility and usability across multiple platforms. Overview of Power Apps and wrap feature for mobile development. Steps to create and wrap a Power Apps application for mobile. Code signing

Explore the evaluation of React Native alternatives, including Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, native platforms, and Jigx, considering factors such as learning curve, developer experience, cost, popularity, community support, and ecosystem. Compare React Native alternatives: Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, native platforms, and Jigx. Analyze criteria: learning curve, developer experience, cost, popularity, community, ecosystem.

Learn how LifeFlight utilizes a mobile app to ensure that critical information is captured and accessible during mission critical rescue flights. Overview of challenges and how a mobile app has helped to improve missions. How offline and real time management of data is utilized. Benefits of a Jigx mobile app.

Discover essential insights for developers on crafting privacy-conscious mobile apps that respect users’ rights and prioritize data protection in today’s digital landscape. Insights into data minimization and obtaining informed consent to build honest user relationships. Techniques for implementing robust security measures, including encryption and two-factor authentication. Strategies for promoting transparency,