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By integrating artificial intelligence through ChatGPT, you can unlock even greater potential for your mobile app. You can use this tutorial to build a Jigx mobile app and connect it to ChatGPT via OpenAI's APIs.
This article explains how you can use a generative AI tool like ChatGPT to help you design mobile apps from beginning to end. Explore how AI can be a powerful tool in your app building toolbox.
Learn about the different use cases of GenAI and the tools to leverage GenAI’s power to build mobile apps faster than ever before.
The second of a two-part blog series exploring building mobile apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK. In this part, learn how to build an event check-in app in React Native using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, covering setting up a local SQLite database, interacting with Salesforce, and developing screens.
Explore how developers can leverage the Salesforce Mobile SDK to integrate Salesforce services into React Native apps, enabling seamless communication and data access, as demonstrated in the creation of an event check-in app. Introduction to Salesforce Mobile SDK and React Native for cross-platform development.
Discover how developers can leverage Microsoft Power Apps and the wrap feature to convert their creations into mobile applications, enabling broader accessibility and usability across multiple platforms.
Explore the evaluation of React Native alternatives, including Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, native platforms, and Jigx, considering factors such as learning curve, developer experience, cost, popularity, community support, and ecosystem.
Discover essential insights for developers on crafting privacy-conscious mobile apps that respect users’ rights and prioritize data protection in today’s digital landscape.
Abandonment is a significant challenge for app developers and businesses, as it can lead to wasted resources, lost revenue, and a negative impact on the app and brand’s reputation. So why do users abandon apps? And what is the best way to ensure your app doesn’t get abandoned?
Explore six key steps for optimizing your app’s visibility and engagement in app stores, driving traffic and increasing downloads. Introduction to app store optimization for visibility and downloads.