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It's been an exciting year so far at Jigx. Our recent webinar shared many updates about new features, partners and customers. Here are the highlights.
This article explains how you can use a generative AI tool like ChatGPT to help you design mobile apps from beginning to end. Explore how AI can be a powerful tool in your app building toolbox.
Learn about the different use cases of GenAI and the tools to leverage GenAI’s power to build mobile apps faster than ever before.
Explore the latest release 2024.2. New features including seamless external app navigation, dynamic entity sync and more.
The second of a two-part blog series exploring building mobile apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK. In this part, learn how to build an event check-in app in React Native using the Salesforce Mobile SDK, covering setting up a local SQLite database, interacting with Salesforce, and developing screens.
Explore how developers can leverage the Salesforce Mobile SDK to integrate Salesforce services into React Native apps, enabling seamless communication and data access, as demonstrated in the creation of an event check-in app. Introduction to Salesforce Mobile SDK and React Native for cross-platform development.