Leverage Your Existing Tools & Systems to Build Apps

Explore how businesses optimize efficiency and user experience by integrating existing systems into native mobile apps, providing real-time data access and significant cost savings.

  • Benefits of integrating current systems into mobile apps: improved user experience, offline access, and enhanced performance and security.
  • Advantages of real-time data access for informed decision-making anywhere.
  • Competitive edge gained with efficient mobile apps integrating platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Time and cost savings through utilizing platforms with APIs for mobile app development.
  • Introduction to Jigx as a platform enabling the creation of native mobile apps without extensive programming knowledge.


By leveraging existing tools and systems, businesses can save incredible time and resources while building native mobile apps. Incorporating current systems into mobile apps enhances user experience, provides offline access, and improves performance and security while supporting customization no matter who uses the app. When businesses use the systems and tools they have at hand, it can save both time and money, while providing exactly what their team needs. For example, integrating Salesforce into mobile apps can provide businesses with valuable customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities directly on salespersons phones, all without having to navigate through their entire Salesforce profile. They get what they need, whenever they need it. Right from their phone. Implementing current systems into native mobile apps offers many advantages for businesses and their users:  
  • Real-time Access to Data: By providing immediate access to critical data, it enables employees to make informed decisions on the go no matter where they are. On the subway, in the dentist waiting room, at their dining room table. The options are endless and because native mobile apps can be designed to work offline, you don’t even need an internet connection to access stored data.
  • Competitive Advantage: Long are the days of having to sit in front of a computer to access work information. Organizations that provide their employees with efficient, user-friendly mobile apps that integrate with platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Power Platform can gain a competitive edge by enabling faster and more responsive operations.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Many platforms these days have an application programming interface (API) that allows developers to access the information store in the platform. Whether you are looking to build an internal or customer facing mobile app, being able to freely use the platforms and tools you already have in place will save you on the build time and cost.


Building Native Mobile Apps for the Platforms You Already Have

While most of us would love a mobile app to make our work tools and processes more efficient and easier to use, the time and cost to create has made those apps unachievable. Until now. Mobile app platforms, like Jigx, play a pivotal role in supporting the transition as mobile apps take over desktop work. With Jigx, developers can create native mobile apps without the need to learn native mobile programming languages or frameworks like React Native or Flutter. What use to not be an option, native mobile apps are becoming increasing more straightforward to build all without sacrificing the usability and speed in the process. You can try it for yourself here.