Adding Mobile Apps to Your System Integration Practice

Explore the transformative potential of integrating native mobile apps into system integration practices, unlocking enhanced client engagement, workflow automation, and competitive advantages in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

  • Benefits of mobile app integration for system integrators, including improved client engagement and streamlined workflows.
  • Challenges hindering adoption, such as initial costs and resource constraints.
  • Introduction to Jigx platform for native app development without specialized skills.
  • Testimonials from industry experts showcasing Jigx’s efficiency and effectiveness in enhancing client outcomes.
In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, integrating native mobile apps into your system integration practice has emerged as a transformative offering. So why should system integrators (SI) consider embracing mobile apps? There are plenty of compelling reasons from how mobile apps can revolutionize your clients tool engagement and streamline their internal workflow automation, to providing clients with a distinct competitive edge, especially those who are burdened with large platforms that provide little ease-of-use. It also helps that by 2030, the mobile enterprise app market is projected to reach $268B.

The Hold Up

Despite the advantages of integrating mobile apps into SI practices, let’s tackle the several factors that might be hindering the adoption of this trend. First, developing and maintaining mobile apps requires financial investment and skilled personnel. It isn’t surprising that many partners might hesitate due to the constraints of the initial costs and long-term resource commitments, including full-time staffing resources. Native app developers are hard to find, and if you do find one, they won’t come cheap. This has caused many SIs to ignore the native mobile app trend, or sacrifice usability and functionality by developing web-based apps versus native mobile apps for their clients.

Expanding into Mobile Apps with the Jigx Mobile App Platform

Jigx is a mobile app platform that allows you to develop native mobile apps for your clients all without the need for specialized languages or frameworks (i.e. Swift, React Native, Flutter). In addition, you also don’t need design resources, such as user-interface and user-experience design (UI/UX), as that comes out of the box with the platform. As a result, Jigx makes it easy to launch a mobile app practice within your existing team. Any developer can design and build native mobile apps quickly and easily. By using Jigx, you can open doors to quickly wow and win customers over with stunning fully functioning apps built in weeks, not months or even years. The best part from an SI point of view is that Jigx allows you to remain focused on what you do best: bringing systems and subsystems together and making sure they work seamlessly for your clients. With the rapid mobile app delivery capabilities, you can help clients achieve meaningful business outcomes with exceptional time-to-value.

Solution Integrators Experience

Because of the limitations that a typical solution integration practice faces, they usually have to opt for responsive web-apps that don’t work offline, and are usually very difficult for users to use. Paul Konieczny, President of Method Automation Services, explains how usually mobile is part of a last thought of a solution integration engagement, but rather it should be part of the entire process.

“That is where Jigx stepped in and said okay, we’re going to show you how quickly we can build this and it’s a native application to Android and iOS. So a lot of these problems go away.” Paul Konieczny, Method Automation Services

With Jigx, designing and integrating native mobile apps into your practice does not have to be frustrating. Shaun Leisegang, CEO of rapidMATION, mentions how Jigx provides their team and clients with extremely fast and beautiful apps that seamlessly move between online and offline worlds.

“Jigx allowed us to create solutions and apps with different use cases that range across the legal space, the health and safety space, the rescue space, and even across things like Open AI and ChatGPT and the like. So we cannot wait to see what else we’ll be able to create.” Shaun Leisegang, RapidMation

With Jigx you can extend your current automation practice and help your clients achieve more freedom from their current systems. The mobile enterprise app market is booming and we want to invite you to the party. The question is — will you come along?